No matter what other types of media catch my eye, be it animation, games or 3D modelling, I'm an illustrator deep down.


I've been drawing since before I can remember, and decades later I still really enjoy putting pen to paper. You never quite know what you'll draw tomorrow, and I find that really exciting.


My primary interests are science and weirdness and I try and explore these themes in my work, from eldritch horrors to cute little critters with their insides on the outside. See Fleshy Friends for more.




Some of my work is available on my

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More work can be found on my tumblr

Old Monuments
Sharks outta' water
Lupercal VII - An emblem for a fictional Mars colony
Tea Rex
Iniquitous Parasite
Girl in the woods
Cute Fat Kiwi
Blue Roses
Snake Knight
Worm Knight
"The Illuminated Naughty"


It's important to absorb the world around you, and sometimes it's nice to play directly with the work of creators you admire.

Roadhog cosplaying as Captain Flinthook
Enemy guts from Zelda:Breath of the Wild in the style of Darkest Dungeon
"Earthshaker" from the board game The City Of Kings
Mi-Go - a Lovecraftian being
A hunter from Bloodborne inspired by Darkest Dungeon