RELOAD (Quickly, now)


My entry for LOWREZJAM 2017 on, RELOAD (Quickly, now) was an experimental 'reload simulator' where you must keep your pistols loaded and ready to fend off beasts.


Each gun is procedurally generated so there's no way to know what comes next. Be ready!


The game came third in the jam by public vote. I'm very grateful to everyone who voted.


Here is a link to the devlog if you're interested in how the game came about.

Moonwitch Garden


My entry for 1 Bit Click Jam 2017 on


I created a magic-themed clicker garden, where flowers and crystals absorb moonlight.


This game was very UI-heavy, and so a lot of the challenges to overcome were interface and UX based.


I've always wanted to try 3D assets with a limited palette. I didn't have time to do this with all of the assets, most are 2D sprites, but I'm very pleased with how the moon turned out.


I really enjoyed making this one, and would love to add more features to it one day.



Here are some earlier concepts:


  1. Keep the king constantly fed with more and more food. This would keep to the basic clicker gameplay loop.


  1. A sort of civ clicker, where you generate money to expand your civilisation. This sort of expanding territory idea made its way into Moonwitch Garden, but instead of placing buildings you place flowers.