My entry for "Sully's Pixel Challenge" on Sketchfab, I wanted to capture the joy and mischief that you can explore in Breath of the Wild.

I've sunk many MANY hours into the game, so it felt great to create a little tribute to the game I've enjoyed so much.

When using the magnesis rune to move metal objects, there's a lovely weight to its movements, and I wanted to capture that with a big, arcing beam with the box dragging behind it leaving a trail of destruction.

I always found it weird that you mostly found Apples and Arrows in these crates.

Screenshots & concepts

When making this diorama I tried to make 3D lines of action using bezier curves to give the whole thing a conistent sense of motion, and I think it worked well. I was quite ambitious when starting the model - hoping to include a rigged & animated bokoblin sleeping against a log. Due to time constraints I chose to cut that and just use a chaotic scene of smashing up metal crates - something that works better with the sense of motion.

I love working in this low-poly style with pixel textures. It's definitely time-consuming, but it's fun to make and the results have a real charm to them.