My entry for 1 Bit Click Jam 2017 on

I created a magic-themed clicker garden, where flowers and crystals absorb moonlight.

This game was very UI-heavy, and so a lot of the challenges to overcome were interface and UX based.

I really enjoyed making this one, and would love to add more features to it one day.

Early concepts

I really enjoyed the game jam - I've not made a clicker game before this. Some initial ideas were feeding a greedy king, mining roots as a bunny or building a growing industrial town. The town idea bled a little into the final game, where you can only place new tiles next to existing tiles.

If you want to play Moonwith Garden, click the link below. Enjoy.

Moonwitch Garden seemed to be well received, coming 19th out of144 entries in the jam. It was also featured in a video by Jupi Plays.