Robot Golem


I wanted to explore some less traditional ideas of what a golem is. We think of them as a lumpy, asymmetrical and dim-witted stone beast, but conceptually they are so much more than that. They are inanimate objects brought to life through magic or other means. They can sort of be anything, really.

A quick image search for golem showed the repeated familiar big lumpy rock man, but there was also a few unique and interesting designs in there too - some animated statues carved into the shape of a human, some more abstract living rubble piles, and even a few cute boulders with big eyes.

Screenshots & concepts

Looking at the less frequent designs as inspiration, I tried to avoid the traditional look as much as possible. This being a robotic golem, I had some freedom to add metal joints and wiring to add my own twist, and maybe throw in some smooth wires to contrast the harsh shapes of the rocks. I think numbers 2 and 7 are my favourite from the initial designs, perhaps because they lean more towards the robotic. Eventually I went with number 6 in the secondary concepts.