Pixel Art


Even though technology has advanced far beyond the need for pixel art, it is still a very popular aesthetic style, a fun reminder of the past.


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New pixel icon
Bony boulders
RPG items
Crow ghost
Bell Priest
Placid Planks
Glass robot. Bird of paradise on holiday. Tentacle bunny. 3 shoes. Witch burger
3 Of Hearts
Kitty Powers' adventure game
Halloween twitter icon
Bitey Bulbs
Mei checking in!


Pudsey's Gigantic Game is an exciting project between Aardman Animations and Children In Need. It allows anyone to create their own games online, and share those games with others.

I was brought on to create the visual assets for the project, and I had a great time making pixel art for such an iconic brand and good cause.

Unfortunately, as of 2016, the game is no longer available, however you can read more about it on this BBC blog.

Character sprites

Tileset mockups

"Countryside" tileset
"Underwater" tileset
"Space" tileset
"Seaside" tileset
"Town" tileset

Items and pickups

Old enemy concepts